January 27, 2021

PEF II acquires retail property in Mjøndalen – Orkidehøgda

Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap II AS ("PEF II") acquired Orkidehøgda 4,6 and 10 in Drammen municipality during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Pareto Alternative Investments AS has on behalf of Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap II AS(“PEF II”) acquired a retail park consisting of 10 337 sqm., and a smaller educational building measuring 1 687 sqm. The property is located in an established retail warehouse hub in Mjøndalen Næringspark. The retail warehouse hub consists of several complimentary retailers, constituting an attractive retail destination for consumers. Coop Obs! Bygg is the largest tenant representing 65 % of the retail park, followed by Power Norge AS and Thansen AS. Kompetansesenteret is the only tenant in the education building, and the overall WAULT is 11,6 years.

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