PEF II transaction

June 5, 2018
Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap II ("PEF II") acquired BaneNor's central logistics property at Gardermoen.

In Q2 2017 Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap II (PEF II) entered into a forward contract to acquire a logistics property under construction in Aurvegen next to Gardermoen Airport. The building is now completed, and was handed over to PEF II on May 9 th 2018. The property is 5,366 sqm with  development potential to build an additional 3,000 sqm. The property is leased to Bane NOR (formerly “Jernbaneverket”) on a 15 year contract. Bane NOR is a state owned company engaged in the construction and maintenance of the railway infrastructure in Norway. The property will be a central logistics warehouse in the development of large infrastructure projects going forward, such as the InterCity project, Follobanen, Ringeriksbanen etc.

PEF II is an unleveraged closed-end fund investing in office, retail, logistics and specialized real estate properties in Norway. The investors in PEF II are Norwegian insurance companies and pension funds.

More news

February 27, 2019

PEF Acquisition

Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap ("PEF") acquired Hallgruppen's HQ logistics property at Lindeberg.

January 22, 2020

Debt Financing of Kokstadflaten 35

Pareto Eiendomskreditt (PEK) has provided debt financing for the acquisition of Kokstadflaten 35 located at Kokstad - a 4 minute drive from Bergen Airport (Flesland).

January 16, 2020

Debt financing to IK Gruppen AS

Pareto Obligasjonsfellesskap Eiendom (POFE) has provided a NOK 320m increase of the existing bond issued by IK Gruppen AS. The bond has first lien security in the properties in Kvadraturen Hotell Holding AS - Skippergata 19, Prinsens gate 6, Tollbugata 7 and Tollbugata 11 located in the city centre of Oslo.